Optym’s CEO holds optimization workshop at Transnet Freight Railway

Johannesburg, South Africa – On August 18, 2015, Optym President & CEO Dr. Ravindra K. Ahuja gave a one-day optimization workshop at Transnet Freight Railway, the largest and most crucial part of the freight logistics chain that delivers goods throughout South Africa. 

Hosted by Fuzile Magwa, Transnet’s General Manager of Network Control Center, the workshop covered the best practices in the North American freight rail industry in train planning and scheduling. Ahuja also described the systems that railroads need in order to optimize rail operations. Points of discussion included the objectives of optimization and decision automation; their expected benefits regarding reduced transportation costs and increased capacity; and the importance of a progressive development process that creates early value for a railroad while developing a long-term road map for a solution.

About 50 participants attended the workshop, including executives, service designers, train planners and train controllers.

“Those in attendance asked very insightful questions, and they were very satisfied by what they learned,” added Ahuja. “Optimization can dramatically increase the capacity of a network, something that Transnet is challenged with.”

The response to Ahuja’s workshop was overwhelmingly positive.

“We at Transnet were delighted to host a giant in the transportation industry,” said Magwa. “We shall forever be grateful for the seeds Dr. Ahuja has planted in our minds and our hearts.”

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