Rail network & train plan optimization

Improve your network operations at every level

Solutions for railroads of all sizes


See real-time train locations, train paths, and maintenance opportunities in an intuitive graphical interface.

Decision support

Unlock new insights and opportunities with the help of actionable KPIs.


Resolve meets, passes, and maintenance activities in line with business objectives.

See your network operations in real time

With RailMax’s intuitive user interface, you can easily:

View train routes with accurate downstream ETAs.

Monitor all KPIs specific to your operations.
See speed restrictions and tracks out of service.

Actionable KPIs to improve operations

Use RailMax’s dashboards to see how your operations are running in one intuitive place.

Everything you care about, in one place

See key metrics such as velocity, schedule adherence, and train delay.

Identify hotspots

See KPIs for the entire network, specific areas, select train groups, or individual trains.

Find what matters

Filter KPIs by time window to show daily, weekly, or monthly trends.

Tailored to your operations

Make customizable reports and graphics.

Consistent execution plans

Accelerate your operations with increased visibility and improved decision making.
Stop train delays before they happen and schedule track work with fewer disruptions.
Improve on-time performance by increasing velocity, reducing fuel burn, and recovering from unplanned events.

Industry's most intuitive train graph​

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Mining operations

Get the most out of your mining operations with RailMax's advanced features.

Seamless integrations

Integrate with tracking systems to view all assets directly in one place.

Easy onboarding

Intuitive walkthroughs, videos, and knowledge base articles to get you and your team ready to go in less than a week.

Multi-language support

Choose your preferred language in the user profile and settings sections.

Maintenance planning

Find the ideal timing for maintenance for tracks and fleets.

Dark & light theme

Intuitive colors to fit any work environment of personal preference.


Track all assets on one map and see the effects KPIs as they move between from locations.

User collaboration

Get instant feedback from other users while planning operations.

Advanced search

Find what you need with searches based on keywords, multiple conditions, or business logic.

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