Case Study

Real-Time Rail Scheduling

 Case study  Real-time rail scheduling When a major mining company needed to increase the capacity and reliability of its rail operations, we developed an end-to-end train schedule optimization system that used real-time data to schedule train movements on a complex rail network, updated the schedule as disruptions occurred in the network, added trains whenever it …

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Developing a Service Analyzer System

 Case study  Developing a service analyzer system CSX Transportation We partnered with CSX Transportation to develop its next-generation service measurement and reporting systems. With these systems in place, users can now easily view hotspots and drill down to details to perform a root cause analysis. Hundreds of users now use this system every day to …

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Developing a Locomotive Simulation System

 Case study  Developing a locomotive simulation system CSX Transportation Railroad locomotive departments need locomotive planning systems to make strategic decisions related to fleet sizing, fleet mix, shop locations, capacities and capabilities. We developed a simulation system to meet this need for CSX Transportation. With the variability inherent in train operations and locomotive operations, railroads needed …

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Developing a Business Intelligence System

 Case study  Developing a business intelligence system Canadian Pacific Railway While freight railroad databases contain data for all asset movements, they lack integrated data analytics and business intelligence systems so that users can analyze this data quickly.  Planners utilize these systems to improve operations or reduce costs. We partnered with Canadian Pacific (CP) Railway to …

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Routing locomotives to Shops for Periodic Maintenance

 Case study  Routing locomotives to shops for periodic maintenance CSX Transportation As per Federal Railway Administration (FRA) regulations, every locomotive must be sent to a shop for periodic maintenance within 92 days of its previous maintenance. We developed a software solution for CSX Transportation to direct locomotives to shops for this maintenance just-in-time while ensuring …

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Railroad Blocking Optimizer​

 Case study  Railroad blocking optimizer Norfolk Southern​ Norfolk Southern, one of the largest freight railroads in the United States, was looking for a better software solution to generate an optimal blocking plan. After licensing our blocking optimizer, the railroad integrated this solution within its own planning system, the Operating Plan Developer (OPD). This system is …

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Railroad blocking optimization

 Case study  Locomotive operating plan optimization BNSF Railway Railroad blocking is an important part of operating plan design. After licensing our railroad blocking optimizer, BNSF Railway, the second-largest freight railroad in North America, used it to incrementally optimize its blocking plan periodically, resulting in tens of millions of dollars in annual savings. As shipment volumes …

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Migrating to Next-Generation Systems

 Case study  Migrating to next-generation systems A major European freight railroad wanted to migrate its planning and scheduling systems to next-generation systems – a risky and expensive proposition. By partnering with a global management consulting company, Optym was able to evaluate the railway’s data migration strategy and make recommendations to reduce risk. The railroad wanted …

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